Virtual Gastric Banding

Become the shape and size you want to be, without dieting

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The Virtual Gastric Band is a remarkable weight loss program, pioneered in the UK. As the name suggests, the system utilizes the concept of a “virtual” gastric band and hypnosis. It successfully harnesses the power that every individual holds within them to change their lives. You, too, may benefit from Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis.

Hypnosis convinces the brain that the stomach is full after a certain level of intake, and that there is no need for more food.

It is definitely NOT a diet - they only work in the short term. The Virtual Gastric Band allows you to eat what you want, and be satisfied with smaller portions. You won’t feel deprived, miserable or hungry. With the Virtual Gastric Band is in place, you are armed with a long term solution to your weight problems.

The Virtual Gastric Band can be undertaken quickly and privately and involves:

  • no surgery
  • no risks
  • no medical treatment