About the Akashic Records

As you create your path for tomorrow, a reading of your Akashic Records will:

  • lift the veil of the past
  • bring clarity to the present
  • a sense of renewed purpose

  • The Book of Records

    The Akashic Records are said to have existed before the beginning of time. They are the personal history of each individual's past, present and future. They include every incarnation from the moment we leave the Creator. It is our soul's story.

    Throughout the ages, the Akashic Records have been identified in many ways such as "The Hall of Records" by Edgar Cayce, "The Book of Life" in theTorah, the first five books of the bible, and by more current scientists and philosophers as a giant computer or the "Mind of God".

    With your permission together we access your soul's experience since the very beginning of its' existence. The Akashic Records are opened with a Sacred Prayer that is a powerful vehicle of light and love.

    Examining our past experiences for the patterns of our current and past lives allows clear vision as we focus on the potential that is the future. We have free will to select the path, the pace and embellish our choices.