Cord Cutting

Do you feel as though you are connected to someone in the present or perhaps the past that is holding you back?

Sometime the contact and control is well intentioned, but it still inhibits your growth, your development and your freedom. Perhaps an over protective loved one, parent, life partner or mentor or you maintain a connection long beyond when really necessary. It may be held in place by mutual love, pride and the comfort of the familiar. Though familiar the feelings are not always positive and you may maintain the connection because of guilt, shame, anger, disappointment or the need to suffer.

Sometimes the person or energy believes that they need you for their survival. This is sometime a two way street with loved ones that have died. They are afraid that their work here on this plane is incomplete and we on the other hand fear if we let go of them we will lose their wisdom and love if our connection with them is severed.

Whatever the belief or reason behind this connection, it inhibits your growth, it inhibits your development and inhibits your free will. You can and will continue with their love and wisdom in your heart, in your cells, in your Soul. This is the real power of an energetic connection. Cutting the spiritual cords that bind you to people in your life frees you to enjoy the unconditional love they have given you. This gift affords you the freedom to become the mature, competent, loving, intuitive person you were meant to be.

Yes, it is time to cut loose to reach your full potential!