Crystal Star Healing Meditation

Stars falling to Earth from a hand

Crystal Star Healing Meditation is a direct connection between you, your Chakras, the universal energy field and the Creator or Universal Life Energy.

The process consists of five phases or segments or steps that lead you through guided meditation to learn access the Universal Life or Creators Energy to :
  1. Ground yourself
  2. Understand the basic Chakra system
  3. Open your inner vision and transformational process
  4. Crystal Chakra healing
  5. Crystal Laser healing to complete the process

The Crystal Star Healing Meditation provides the knowledge that creates a gateway between the Universal Life Energy and our earthbound bodies. This process links us comfortably to the earth, while placing us in touch with our own ability to heal and change our physical body.

To learn this powerful healing process:

• Attend a seminar in person - Register
• Participate in a teleseminar, or
• Purchase the set of CDs.