Past Life Journeys

Clocks orbiting the Earth

The MagicSpirit believes, "When past and future collide in the present, it is time to explore then let go."


• You ever wondered if you've lived in the past
• You brought behaviors, preferences, health issues, talents or skills, from a previous existence or past lives into this life
• You feel fragile, scattered, ungrounded or fragmented? Soul fragments from a past life may need to be retrieved, cleansed and then restored to you.
• You wonder if you travel with a constellation of souls you've known before

There are many ways to understand or garner knowledge of our past, but to experience it by enjoying first-hand sense of walking on the path of your own previous journey delivers a base or sense of knowing by having first-hand soul knowledge of what is your own truth.

Dr. Sandra Landsman, The MagicSpirit, has been conducting Past Life Journeys for individuals and groups for well over 35 years. She can lead you on a Journey through your Past Lives to address these and many other issues.