Reiki Master Teacher

from The Traditional Usui-Tibetan System

Hands with Stars

The Japanese term Reiki means spirit/soul and energy. In the late 1800's Dr Mikao Usui went on a quest to learn how the ascended and enlightened Masters were able to heal. He discovered a process, but was unable utilize it until he received a powerful blast of Universal Energy through his forehead, the third eye.

With that energy blast, he had a vision of symbols, received his attunement, and the knowledge to use them. He passed the mantle to Dr Chujiro Hayashi who eventually initiated Hawayo Takata, as the first woman Reiki Master. Mrs. Takata brought Reiki to America. My teacher was one of the twenty-two Masters she initiated.

To reach the level of a Reiki Master, there are three attunement required. Reiki attunements are transfers of Universal Life Energy, not something taught.. The attunements allow you to become a channel for Universal Life Energy that flows with intention, through your hands to another at the soul level.

The individual or client makes the transformation or healing possible, not the Reiki practitioner. Reiki flows from Source through the practitioner to the client. The flow never reverses.