Soul Retrieval

Dragonfly and Moon

Many of us have lived many lives in the past. During the course of those lives, we may have given of ourselves in a generous loving way or has experiences fraught with trauma and violence.

In either case, it may have caused the loss of a piece of the soul. These fragments that have been scattered in the past may leave you often feeling unsure of yourself, unable to complete thoughts, have difficulty making decisions, focusing or simply scattered. It is time to retrieve those soul fragments.

When soul fragments have been reunited, the individual usually feels grounded, whole, as if something that was missing has been returned and a hollow space or emptiness has been lovingly filled.

This process is frequently done as part of a Past Life Journey to assist the individual to bring closure to the experience. They are able to reunite the shattered soul fragments from previous lifetimes to this body, to this place and at this time.