Spiritual Cleansing

Our internal and external energy can become blocked, disrupted or drained. This can manifest as lack of drive, poor health or "the blues".

While we sometimes contribute to this condition through poor health or thought habits, that is not the only mechanism for creating unbalanced energy. We may have been subjected to spirits or energies that have attached them self to us energetically.

When your energy is cleansed and balanced both the aura and physical body are able to release negative or toxic energy that may inhibit good physical, emotional or spiritual health.

There are some simple rituals that can easily become part of your daily routine to ground, balance and refresh the Spirit and the Soul. If the energy disruption is great, other definitive measures may be necessary for their removal.

These may balance the internal and external energy reflecting our physical, spiritual and emotional well being and restore a sense of being grounded.

Want a quick pick-me-up? Any of these exercises will do just that and may all be repeated any time during the day.

• Taking a few deep breathes when you first open your eyes is a wonderful way to starts the process. Stretching your body is another step in the right direction

•Taking a stroll on the beach, in the woods or just around your neighborhood will help to gain a feeling of being connected to nature.

• Washing your hands may be a powerful symbolic release. Taking a quick shower or a swim, whether in a lake, the ocean or a pool, will release energies caught up in your aura.

If more help is needed, hypnosis, ThetaHealing®, a Past Life Journey, Cord Cutting, Soul Retrieval and an Akashic Records reading are effective tools to clear your energies.