What others have to say about The MagicSpirit

Thank you for always being such a wonderful group leader to the JLHTG, guiding us gently, generously, and patently, always ...

November 05, 2011


Thank you for yesterday evening. Delightful. A goodnight's sleep, too, when I came home. Oh Relaxation!!!

November 02, 2011


Hi Sandy!! It was so lovely to meet you last night. Thank you for your kindness. As you can tell, I really enjoyed the meeting very much, and am truly fascinated with the topic of energetic healing. You are such a delight,and I am grateful for sharing in the wisdom of your group. many blessings,

February 02, 2011


Some years ago I was told I had a tumor on one of my ovaries and it had to be checked two days later via vaginal ultrasound. I immediately called Dr. Landsman with a great big, "help"!! And she did. She spent two hours with me the very next day doing what she does so very well! The next day I went for my big test and the tech kept asking me which side the doctor wanted to have checked because she could not find anything there. Needless to say, she, along with my gynecologist, did not understand this at all; but I did! I had been to see Dr. Landsman!

January 5, 2011


Dear Dr Sandy,

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with such love and understanding in your classes. Not only do I take away techniques and knowledge that can personally use, I also learn techniques that I can use in my hypnosis and Life Coaching practices.

Marlilyn C, MBA-CHT
May 18, 2010


"This year, Sandra Landsman was kind enough to speak at our annual chapter meeting. We greatly appreciate her time and effort in preparing such an informational meeting, She backed up her 'stuff' by providing plenty of handouts and shared freely what makes her chapter so uniquely successful. On behalf of our entire team, we say 'Thank you'!"

~ Robert O


Hello Doctor,

I just wanted to give you some feedback as to how I am doing. Today is day 58 of my ongoing struggle with tobacco. I'm happy to say I'm still winning. Thank you for your help. I continue to recommend your services.

Thomas D. C______, CPA


Phenomenal. Transformational. Dr. Landsman is a dynamic and informative speaker. Her expertise in this area of human development brings new light to traditional psychiatry."

~ Robert S, M.D.


"Why Weight?" I am not sure why I did. There seemed to be a significant difference while using the CD. Not only did it help relax and put me to sleep for the night, but also the next day is when I realized it really worked. It's the subliminal message of portion control, avoidance of snacking and general messages of health and well being that lasted throughout the day.

I was able to lose 10 pounds within about 6 weeks. Unfortunately, I stopped listening and a few pounds crept back. I am now back listening to the CD and losing weight easily once more.

Liz M


Sandy Landsman combines a keen diagnostic sense with deep intuitive ability. She cuts to the point and challenges the basis of the imprinting process. She provides a milieu that guarantees the full healing of the client. I recommend her without qualifications."

~ Elaine C-G, A.R.N.P., PhD


In addition to working with Dr. Sandy as my therapist, she provided extra bonuses in my life, which are her marvelous CD's. Crystal Laser Healing and Crystal Chakra Healing are both amazing tools for my personal and spiritual growth. I highly recommend them for calming and healing benefits they provide.

Joyce S


I am thrilled that you shared your CD with me. Not only am I sleeping better, I am losing some weight and feeling more energetic than I have felt in way too long. I've been listening to the CD for a few months, nearly every night as I settle into sleep. Most nights, I don't remember hearing much past the first few moments, yet, I remember now I am getting the message. Thank you for sharing the CD with me and helping me to change my life, for the better.

Vicki P


I have been in the field of hypnosis and weight loss for 28+ years. I would like to say that I am very impressed with your weight loss program.

Hey, the CD, "Why Weight?" was great! I loved it!

I feel that anyone that has a weight issue would save a lot of time and money if they were to work with you and your program! This is a simple way to cut weight, cut time and cut expense in the process of becoming thinner.



I am truly humbled with the work and service that you do, Sandy. I have never told you before how much I truly admire what you do in pulling together such a very diverse and powerful group of healers and teachers on this planet.

That in itself is a wonderful gift of your Shamanic leadership ... to bring us all together, hold us together and allow us to learn and to heal [even among ourselves] to the highest good of ALL. I applaud you for it, am grateful for so much that is YOU, and thank you. It takes great strength; energetic resources within you; and innate wisdom to host these meetings and coordinate all that you do ...

Amazing and, ever so graciously done, always.

...Suzanne Haik-Hynes