Vision Boards:

Imagine Your Future...Make it happen!

Path in the Woods

Learn how to create your future as you focus on career, health, relationship and spiritual growth.  By combining meditation, brainstorming techniques and releasing of inhibiting beliefs you will have the means of transforming your future dreams into REALITY.

We will use Guided imagery to open the doors of creativity.  We then brainstorm gathering ideas, thoughts, concepts or a fragment of an idea, a jumble of flashes, just letting them flow.  Editing comes later. 

Select all the images that will symbolize your future as you wish it to be.  As you create your vision board your thoughts and your visions are sent out to the Universe. The Universe will respond to your unlimited potential.

Vision board creation is done in a small group setting which allows for the synergistic energy to increase the connection to the universe.

 Let The MagicSpirit guide you through this fun and exciting adventure.